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Think About It

from by Shawn Martin



Is this all we've come for?
Only this time in life can we ever imagine
That the only things we ever remembered were the bad times?
Can you tell me why you think all we need is love and trust?
Fuck love and fuck trust.
They never do us any favors.
We find that special someone and they fuck us over
Like everyone else who has ever crossed our paths.
Do you want to live a life like that?
In denial?
Grow up, grow balls.
Life is just a fuck up.
One after another, it's just a fuck up.
Think about it.

Don't deny what you know is true
Because all we ever know is what we're taught.
We do things others do, we see things other see
And we become cocky motherfuckers acting like drones.
Hell is what the Earth has become and I won't tolerate that shit.
It's kill or be killed.
I guess I'll be killed.
What gives us the right to say who lives and who dies?
Are we God? Are we Buddah?
Are we any form of religious figure?
I think not.
Think about it.

Watch your words or your words will haunt you.
Think before you do.
Don't be so fucking impulsive.
All we are, are mindless puppets who follow the leader.
How do our leaders know what to do?
They are only as intelligent as the rest of us.
Not smarter.
Maybe dumber.
Live how you want.
Don't let others control you.
Don't bash people because they're different.
They're only different because they don't want to be like you.
Has that ever crossed your mind?
Think about it.

I may not have talents or documents saying that I can say this
But it's a free country and I'll speak my fucking mind.
Don't be a fool to your surroundings.
We know you're there and so do you.
You aren't invisible and they are bastards for pretending it.
So, you're not the "it" crowd material, they say?
Fuck them.
Mindless drones is all they are.
Start a group of people who don't fit in and one day
You will rule the world.
Think about it.


from Monoxide, released January 11, 2012
Lyrics by Shawn Martin


all rights reserved



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